5 Must-Visit Fishing Destinations for RVers

If you love to fish, the US is packed with spots where you can catch your heart’s content. But if you’re an RVer who wants to travel with your boat, you might need to look at other spots. To help you find your next fishing spot, here’s a list of popular fishing destinations for people traveling with an RV.

1. The Florida Keys

With year-round sunshine, the Florida Keys are a fishing paradise. Head to the area between the Keys and Florida’s mainland for the perfect RV campground with waters on both sides of the road. Here, you can snag some snapper, grouper, and mackerel.

2. San Juan River, New Mexico

The San Juan River is a popular destination for RVers because it’s full of trout, salmon, and other game fish like bass. The best time for fishing is around late February through April, but autumn also has some great fishing opportunities. 

3. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

If you’re traveling with your RV, Martha’s Vineyard has everything you need. Not only can you enjoy the local surfcasting and the beautiful landscape, but there’s also plenty of fish to catch. The rocky coast makes it the perfect spot for you to pull striped bass from the waves. 

4. The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf Coast offers excellent saltwater options for fishers looking to cast their lines into the ocean waters. There are so many locations across the coast that you can turn this into an RV vacation. Get ready to catch some great snappers, king mackerel, groupers, mahi-mahi, and sharks!

5. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a fan-favorite for RVers because they’re countless parks, and the lake is simply fantastic for fishing. You can catch some pink salmon, bass, sunfish, steelhead, whitefish, and more. Find an RV campground close to the lake so you can bring your fresh catch right in time for dinner!

Get Ready for Your Fishing Trip

There are so many RV-friendly fishing destinations. Just remember that some of them may require more planning than others. Check for fishing permits, bring most of your fishing supplies and equipment, and plan your RV camp to ensure you have a reserved spot when you get there. 

Written by Geraldine Orentas in partnership with Mealey Marine boating accessories and services

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